Figure Skating

Private lessons can be taught during Freestyle ice sessions (Figure Skating) Public Skate Ice sessions (if more than 10 skaters on public skate there are rules and regulations) at Norfolk Arena. Please check the Norfolk Arena Calendar for times of Freestyle ice sessions and Public Skate ice sessions, or contact your coach.

The fees for private lessons depend on the coaches rate.  The lesson fees can range from $20- $38 for 25 minutes of lesson times. Lesson times can also vary based on skater level.

Skaters will also need to pay for the ice session. This cost is NOT included in the coaches lesson fee, and must be paid to the arena. The session fee can range from $5 to $17 depending on session type, and length.


Many hockey players work with figure skating coaches to improve their overall skating abilities, power, and speed. Private hockey skating lessons may be taught during the Norfolk Arena Freestyle ice sessions and Public Skate ice sessions.

The cost of the lessons vary depending on the coach, and the ice fee is NOT included in the coaches rate and must be paid to the arena.

There are additional rules regarding hockey skating lessons during Freestyle (figure skating) ice sessions. The rules include (but are not limited to):

  • Semi private hockey lessons are not allowed on freestyle ice.
  • Full equipment is not allowed during freestyle ice
  • Figure skaters have the right away
  • No speed skating drills
  • Skaters must be in a lesson, and with a coach
  • Coaches need to be close to their student at all times